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    “Master, do you still want to leave the field?” After separating from Giang Lam Phong, Porphyrin was finally able to say a few important words to Vuong Han. But now judging by Vuong Han's performance, he just came back to take a look. If there is anything worth keeping in this yard, I'm afraid there really is nothing, so it is very likely that he will choose leave the hospital. and then With his beast, continued to wander this endless horizon, the next time he saw him could be many decades later.

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    YES! The opponent's strength is too strong! Therefore, it is understandable that Lanning Wang Han escaped like this to avoid dying in the ring. Maybe we shouldn't put the title of waste or deserter on him. It's really unfair, but sometimes things are done voluntarily. Even if I don't want to call Lan Ning Wang Han a waste, others have spread the word! Everyone hates this type of escape in the ring. To say that this type of behavior is not what people like Lanning Wang Han should do is simply a disgrace to Zhanzheng College!

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    So now we must devote all our efforts to propagating the truth that Lanning Wang Han is a deserter. At that time, he will become everyone's laughing stock, the entire Phac Can Liet academy will laugh at him, and he will become a passerby. Everyone is shouting and fighting, so what if the Lanning family is so powerful? A family of deserters can't be cleaned no matter how they wash it!" The brothers smiled and he arranged: "We will do this kind of thing in the future, but when doing this kind of thing, we must be careful. For your own safety, you absolutely must not let this Lanning Wang Han know that we are secretly spreading." This matter, otherwise this Lanning Wang Han bites us before dying, it would be terrible!

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    mean what you think! Butuo is a very smart person, and he is also a very smart person. He knows when to do things, and he knows when to make which choices! All of this It can be seen from childhood that he likes to be on the side of justice!And if you can't remember things when you were young, you can remember this time, that's what happened in Zhanzheng University for the past six months. He was Or he was on Li Luyuan's side at first, but then he discovered that Lanning Wang Han's side seemed quite trustworthy, after Li Luyuan was killed by Lanning Wang Han, he directly abandoned Li Luyuan, and then waited until Lanning Wang Han, after being frightened by Lanning Wang Han, left this little duck, it returned to Li Luyuan's side! It just jumped back and forth between Lanning Wang Han and Li Luyuan!

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    Ha ha, this is because this ruins is not for people to enter. A few years ago I heard about monster ruins, this special ruins can only be seen temporarily, if you really enter, very high probability. that you will be trapped in the rubble, and will not be able to get out at that time." Porphyrin recalled some of the things he remembered, then his gaze fell on the oil lamp in his hand, "As for you , what looks like a lamp to me is basically a relic in the ruins, that is, there is a small cemetery in each depression on both sides of the ruins, and others in the This world will force them to put warriors into these ruins like This, each side turns face down, the bottom is the most prestigious, but in general, the people buried in each small cemetery used to be They are all very powerful!"

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    These four courses took up all of his time, in which all the ideological courses were theoretical, containing many vague and difficult to understand things, from simple to difficult. What Vuong Han did was Let yourself try your best. Understanding this theoretical knowledge really makes my scalp numb. The theory of the soul is considered to be combined with thought, or in addition to the theory of the present source, the other three of these subjects are combined together, it belongs to me in you, and you in me. In this situation, what Vuong Han must do every day is to continuously master the foundation. In the future, he will continue to pave the way for learning and understanding on this basis, and then begin to practice weaving quality sources. according to course requirements. .

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    “Well, no problem. This Lanning Wang Han has received the SR Medal, which means his purpose is still very clear, which is to find his own friends, so in this case , we are not the only ones who do that. Wrong, that is in line with the tone of not punishing people, he should not blame us for humiliating the white arrow god before, in the future we just need to Just keep it a secret, there should be no problem." Currently gathered around a flower bed on the side of the road, in the flower bed all kinds of small flowers are blooming, on the other side of the flower bed are all kinds of strange fish swimming around, sparkling and colorful.

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    His soul is much sharper than before. This is the advantage that Vuong Han can immediately sense, making it more convenient for him to control the trembling of his soul, and to be able to weave more pure essence at a faster rate. fast! As for what will change in the future? Wang Han didn't know, but at this moment, he could finally clear the haze from the Life Stone!

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    Initially, it took about a year to absorb an oil lamp, then gradually became half a year, then the speed of absorbing an oil lamp became faster and faster, from half a year to three months, then from three months. month. to one month, and from one month to fifteen days! Just like that, although Vuong Han himself did not increase his fighting strength every time he trained his body as much as before, but the effect was here, his fighting strength also had the feeling of riding a rocket flying straight. upward! Up to now, the Vuong Han battle has passed more than 3800 years! Moreover, thinking about it, when he first entered this place, his fighting power was only over 900 years old, and his entire fighting power was quadrupled in value! What's more, the lower the cultivation base, the greater the yearly difference in cultivation! So if Vuong Han can easily destroy his original self now, this is what he can do with his eyes closed! Now that I think about it, Jiang Jiu is really a good skeleton!

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    Okay, okay, come with me and take a look, I want to know the results now! Lanning Xiaoxi couldn't bear it, just a few minutes later he spoke frankly, directly pulling Vuong Han to the side to test the calculation power. After that, he did not intend to test the calculation power but looked at Vuong Han with looks very hopeful.

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    But now that he spoke directly, Ly Lo Nguyen was forced to answer directly... How is that possible? Shy!

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    In other words, Wang Han is on the plane where Lanning Xiaoxi and the others are, his current lifespan is about 1 month in the void recovery compartment, plus the current 2 months, the total adds up to only 3 months... If it were a normal baby, 3 months would absolutely not reach this level, it wouldn't even be able to crawl. But at least 50 million years fell on Wang Han. He seemed to be banished to a dimensional space. Returning 50 million years later, how could this not be powerful! Not to mention other people's evaluation of Wang Han, even Wang Han's evaluation of his own calculation ability now, he feels that his calculation ability will explode strongly. .

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    “In painting, whether my drawing is right or wrong, what consequences it will lead to, and how it will change the overall result, all of this depends on my ability to calculate and understand My knowledge of the macro landscape. I have to learn to remember the rest. method, but I can't stick to the old rules, the method will always increase with my computing power, the method will always increase gradually, and it will always get slower and slower, more and more powerful."

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    Thinking of this, Ly Lo Nguyen felt very unbalanced, "He really is an unlucky guy, looking at this guy's excited and arrogant face, this kind of expression is really disgusting, it seems he had never experienced such a thing. It was the same, such an exaggerated laugh!!... Then this Lanning Wang Han is really a coward, someone else just showed off this talent and then he Just sneaking away without saying a word, I'm afraid that I will be beheaded directly by others... This kind of courage can only scare people like him who have no strength, if they really encounter such thugs. Now, won't your inner timidity and fear burst out?"

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    Thinking of this, Vuong Han suddenly felt sad, in his heart he felt like he hadn't seen her for a long time, he felt confused, like when he suddenly remembered a fragment of memory, the kind of feeling that he himself felt. then you will feel it. I suddenly saw my childhood, my heart fluttering...

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    That's right, we just need a little suggestion! Up to now, we have directly brought out 100 people from Van Co Dam, and there are also 100 people from Penglai! Going to Thien Ngan now feels really good! Disciple Van Co Dam also said the same. For them, as long as they return from Skyline alive, their lives will be free of any trouble, and they can easily become respected existences in Van Gu Dam or Penglai. Simplicity is a very important thing, otherwise, if I have time or not, I will use my good mood to learn martial arts, and I will try my best not to be greedy for fame and fortune? There is no such person in this world!

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    Here Vuong Han and Lanning Xiaoxi are chatting comfortably, across the entire restaurant the other people have different attitudes, they all look at Vuong Han with expressions full of contempt, they are even often criticized. The request also puts a smile on your face. But looking at Vuong Han's expression, there really wasn't any smile in it, and the overall level on the other side was also quite indifferent, it could be seen that the attitude of these people towards Vuong Han was now very bad. At any rate, it's just for Vuong Han. Han thought, these people can only despise them from the sidelines, if they really want to stand up to protect justice for everyone, to shine the light of justice, this cannot be done, and this is impossible. This is impossible, it's not what they think they are doing.

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    "It's not scary, it's too normal. This is a dog locked in a cage, its soul controlled by a zombie soul. Actually, I don't despise anything, it's not easy, they all need to enjoy food." ." comes from being locked in prison... But don't worry that this type of dog is useless, standing in the cage and barking a few sentences is enough." Vuong Han smiled and said: "Actually, I am the same, you see, I behave like them, I will consider them, but if I don't do it, they are all losers.

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    Vuong Han did not know that he had become a hidden danger in the eyes of monsters! I didn't even know that I was slowly changing the living habits of an entire group of monsters. As for him, he is still the same. Currently, there are no monster corpses in the sealing card that have gone through ups and downs, so he does not continue to practice here, using his breath to gradually change every step. part. body Under the control and suppression of the soul, it is like thousands of small knives, any problem on the body can be accurately solved, constantly moving towards a perfect body state! When Manh Manh also woke up next to him, the master and slave both realized that there was no more food left. They understood without saying much, just looked at each other and knew what to do next. , The two people left the ruins directly, following a path to the east. Their speed was not fast, only ten times faster than porphyrin, their aura was not perfectly hidden, and there was no motive.

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    On the way out, Vuong Han thought about something: "Actually, the assessment of the SSR medal is not very meaningful to me. At least now that I have the SR medal, I should take a look. center. These things are really easy to understand for me, then I will go for an SSR assessment, otherwise if there is anything or information that can make me stop, I should stop and consider the situation. previous picture."

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    For the next 15 days, Vuong Han was immersed in imitating and shaping the soul's outline every day, thanks to his current super calculation ability, and his calculation ability was still increasing, after having this idea, on the third day he Completely imitated the form of his own soul. The entire shape of the soul is thus condensed, somewhat similar to the cell wall of a plant. After Wang Han added some soul sources into the cell wall, the entire soul shape was completely created. Okay, "Except for that The entire soul sketch has no thoughts, the entire soul sketch is exactly the same as me now, so how can this soul sketch slowly absorb itself? original soul?"

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    "Little cutie, you're thinking too much!" Lanning Xiaoxi tried to suppress a smile and looked at Vuong Han's face, hey, never mind, this man is so interesting, stupid and adorable.

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    "Pfft! You're really interesting!" Lanning Xiaoxi couldn't help but laugh, "That's right, so in many states and counties today, rows and railings have two meanings."

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    "Very simple! Where did you see Lam Ninh Vuong Han go?!"

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    Porphyrin is of course not among them. Since he knew his apprentice was about to catch up with him, he had completely given up his daily salting work, leading these newcomers was not his job. ranger is enough to get a good Encore and protect the yard's ruins, no matter how much work he does, he is in a good mood, if he is not, it has little to do with him ta. Now his fighting power is still good, although it will not be as exaggerated as Vuong Han's, but he is 30% stronger than before.