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    You are not at fault in this matter, and we also do not expect that man to hide his tricks. As expected, we underestimate him. Surely, the person in charge of project A will not be directly defeated by us like that. easily!" On the phone When that person said it, he was also very helpless, "However, it is truly unbelievable that he could directly produce a SR Medal winner with power is equal to his, so in this case, Lanning's family name is just SR. The number of medal winners is the same as our family, and our side will be in a passive position first…”

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    It has been more than a year since Vuong Han entered this coffin. Judging from the previous situation, Vuong Han did not particularly believe that these things on the wall could exercise his body. key, on the one hand on the other hand, this really really works! The effect was unexpectedly strong, causing Vuong Han to be burned in such a bitter coffin. Before and after refining the oil lamp, it took a year. After Vuong Han got out of the coffin, Meng Meng's first reaction was is absolutely absolute.

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    No matter what choice you make in the end, don't judge right away on the phone, "Hang up the phone first, the call fee is quite expensive, we will contact you after confirmation. When the time comes point, you will follow our plan."Let's go."

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    Quack?! Lanning Xiaoxi let out a cry that only a frog can make. After seeing this scary number, she couldn't help but sob, looking into everyone's eyes, "998! Your calculation ability has reached the next level." 998! This is 100 points of computing power! And your computing power was only 1 point two months ago! Woo Huh... it was only 1 point, and even at that time it was almost lucky Luckily, it doesn't seem to have any power calculation points, it's just zero! But now... It's only been two short months, the Flower has no way to reach the point of full bloom, and the possibility Your calculation power has increased by 100 points! Look, is this something a human can do! Oh my god... have you lied to me? What the hell have you done before!"

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    Okay! Nuo Qianjin could only nod, "Then I want to ask, how many years has Vuong Han practiced in Thien Ngan?"

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    So, I can understand why I don't see Lan Ning Xiaoxi's mother now, they are obviously separated, and even Lan Ning Xiaoxi's father, this man does not live with Lan Ning Xiaoxi, every Everyone has their own room. their own lives, and they will only come back to handle it when they are free and they will have their own lives in the future. Wang Han curled his mouth and did not express any suggestions on this matter, especially on the basis that Now does not control any source quality, does not understand source quality, there is no way to change the world , and there is no way to change the world, so we can only suffer in silence.

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    “Hey, hello!” Lanning Xiaoxi waved her small hand back and forth in front of Wang Han. After she said many words, she suddenly discovered that the boy in front of her had stopped talking, “You won't sleep, right? !Then while I was talking, you fell asleep, aren't you looking down on me too much!?"

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    Since there is no way to simulate the outcome of this encounter, let's have a normal battle in the ring. After all, Li Luyuan has already woven armor for himself, Wang Han has already felt the power of his opponent's armor, and he would not trust Big, would not think of condensing his own weapon as soon as the game began here. And with these basic judgments, before Vuong Han's hand condensed needles, the needles were gently held in his hand, gently pushed, he held the only sharp tip in his hand very gently. . As soon as Bo Tuo saw this steel needle, he felt a toothache. He wanted to go to the previous battle with Vuong Han and fall directly on this steel needle, even if his body was later treated by the axle. , but the pain is still fresh in his memory.

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    No... my brother is a very stubborn person, no one can directly interfere with what he wants to do. My father couldn't do it, of course I couldn't do it either. smiled and said: "So in your current situation here, I can't help you, masters, you're busy here, I have to go out to eat."

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    "Of course! Not many people can understand this kind of thing." Lanning Xiaoxi nodded seriously, "So now, do you know why the power of the soul is not equal to the power of calculation ability?"

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    What the hell? Just say two sentences back and forth, that's it? That's it?

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    Vuong Han opened the door to leave. He hadn't gone out in a month. Today he went to test his calculation ability. He wanted to see what level his calculation ability was at. However, he had just opened the door. Here, he saw another person falling down in front of him, as if he was leaning against the door eavesdropping. Then the door suddenly opened. Vuong Han was a bit surprised when he saw this scene, and at the same time secretly glanced at the scene. into the room all quality sources. he weave was destroyed, and he asked with a smile on his face, "Are you okay?"

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    At first glance, this is quite arbitrary, King Lanning! A king! Then he said it was Han! That's right, another dynasty! So from other people's perspectives, this name is filled with an incomprehensible flavor, or what kind of person can be so domineering? Adding Xiaoxi after Lanning Xiaoxi's name looks very warm, in other words, Lanning Xiaoxi is not as cruel as Lanning Wang Han, but when Wang Han wants to introduce himself, he actually waits for Wang Han When he says he He was called Lanning Wanghan, his face was still a little red...

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    As for where the fragmented soul comes from? For example, Lanning Xiaoxi I give an example. If my computing power is overdrawn and I cannot repay it, or if I fail three quests in a row, then I will accept severe punishment. I will be taken straight to a place called the theater. In this place, my body will be trapped in a box, and the box will be filled with the Sea of Void. Then, through the calculations of the projection field, my soul will be torn apart. Divided into trillions of copies, each soul fragment records my current soul outline, and the soul outline will be sent to the virtual sea beast training cabin in the future. Here, let's take a -3 as an example, a-3 I can condense my soul fragments into a kind of life stone, that is, map the outline of my virtual soul onto a physical life stone matter. Compared to the virtual soul outline that can be thought of, the material The life stone itself is It does not have any thinking ability, but it can be used as a template for the soul of a group, to groups formed using the lifestone will have the same soul outline as the lifestone, that is, the same soul as I Contoured.

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    Vuong Han himself didn't know what would happen in the future of his cultivation, neither did Lanning Xiaoxi, the others didn't even know.

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    Understood. Vuong Han could only agree, watching the whole room quickly sink. Regarding this phenomenon of eating fruit better than people eating fruit, he expressed his surprise, only by buying other people's things can he be harmed. realize... Hahaha, a distorted and post-apocalyptic way of thinking. But now I know something about computing power, either taking it or generating Results. It's just that what Lanning said wasn't very clear. She only said that sales behavior that produces ordinary results will be despised, but she did not say what would happen when selling high-value results, in other words, if I create, I bought a powerful war machine, and if I took this war machine out to sell, would I still be despised at this time?... Surely?”

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    "Yes, that's it." Lanning Xiaoxi said without hesitation, "This kind of low-value item can only be made by stupid and ignorant people."

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    Lan Ning Xiaoxi had no intention of flattering Wang Han, or she didn't need to flatter Wang Han at all, let alone condensing a cup with a handle like this, it was impossible to directly condense a chopstick. quality is not so easy. The whole weaving process will have various Accidents, with many knitting errors, the whole process will start again from the beginning, and then everything will start to be corrected!